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World Trade Center Beam Cross Country Escort, 21/22 OCT 15


Oct 15


The Patriot Guard Riders have been asked to participate in the procession/escort of one of the last pieces of a World Trade Center beam to be donated to a community Fire Department. The elected station and final destination is the Poudre Fire Authority of Ft Collins, CO located at 102 Remington Ft. Collins 80524 (scheduled to arrive on Saturday October 24,2015).

The Poudre Fire Authority (PFA) members of the Urban Search and Rescue Team of Colorado Task Force 1 were dispatched to the scene of the World Trade Center (WTC) twin tower collapse shortly after the terrorist attack on our citizens and country on September 11, 2001. The team worked there for several weeks to locate victims.
The PFA has been tasked with bringing this historical artifact across the U.S. to its final destination. Along with over 100 Emergency Service Authorities, VFWs, ALs, and local Veterans in every state involved and have requested the Patriot Guard Riders provide flag line/procession/escort responsibilities.
We have to estimate times based on guesstimates from an expected 11:30 departure from JFK. Please arrive early. Sorry if you have to wait as depending on their progress we may sit around a while. We going to setup a notification system from one RC to the next so we have a better arrival estimate as we progress. We’re expecting a large reception at Delaware Water Gap.
Leaving JFK airport, NYC at 11:30 HRS
12:30-13:00HRS Into New Jersey via George Washington Bridge, travel to I-80 west into Pennsylvania to arrive in State College, PA. area at the Patton Township Fire Department where they will stay overnight. 

PA ESCORT Part 1: 21 OCT 2015 approx. 13:30 HRS   Rally/Brief 12:45 HRS (PA region 5)

PA Welcome Center

I-80 Westbound                

Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327

RCIC: Beau Pence (610) 849-3568 ,

Assist: Les Sharp (570) 269-8130 ,

PA ESCORT Part 2:  21 OCT 2015 approx. 14:00 HRS   Rally/Brief 13:15 HRS (PA region 4)

I-80 Westbound Exit 284 Blakeslee exit                   
Likely pick them up on the fly.
(R5 hands off to R4)
RCIC: Mike Vogt (570) 854-2012


PA ESCORT Part 3:  21 OCT 2015 approx. 15:00 HRS   Rally/Brief 14:15 HRS (PA region 3)

I-80 Westbound Exit 242 Mifflinville, PA
Note: We either pick them up on the fly if they keep going or at Loves if they stop.
(R4 hands off to R3)
RCIC: Tom Boyle (570) 220-8852
PA ESCORT Part 4:  21 OCT 2015 approx. 15:45 HRS   Rally/Brief 15:00 HRS (PA Region 2)
I-80 Westbound Exit 199 Mile Run
Nothing really there so we’ll pick them up on the fly.
(R3 hands off to R2)
**IMPORTANT: When we leave the interstate for State College if there is any fire equipment joining the escort we defer to them and fall in behind them.
FLAG LINE:  21 OCT 2015 approx. 16:45 HRS    Rally/Brief 16:00 HRS
Alpha Fire Company
(Patton Twp Sub-station)
2598 Green Tech Drive
State College, PA  16803
RCIC: Jim Shaw (412) 217-5967
PA ESCORT Part 5:  22 OCT 2015 depart approx.  07:00 HRS?
Alpha Fire Company
(Patton Twp Sub-station)
2598 Green Tech Dr
State College, PA   16803
RCIC: Jim Shaw (412) 217-5967
Jim Shaw will call ahead with estimated times.
PA ESCORT Part 6:  22 OCT 2015 approx. 09:30 HRS   Rally/Brief 08:45 HRS
I-80 Westbound exit 29 Barkeyville
Escort to Ohio border
RCIC: Bill Howley (724) 971-2694
Mission notes: All riders may travel as far as they want along the route. Please arrive with full tank and empty bladder. We will be traveling at highway speeds which is above state SOP for large flags. Let me repeat – times are estimates. Please arrive early. PSP and local LEO’s have been notified.

As per the Poudre Fire Authority, (Fort Collin’s FD) they have come up with a hashtag and website to track the steel so everyone can follow up to the minute updates.
The hashtag is: #PoudreFireWTCBeam
Pictures can be uploaded to:
Text messages go to:

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  1. Larry Graper

    The Pa.guard can also brag that one of its members made the trip all the way from State College to Ft.Collins. I was the only bike that escorted all the way. At the sat.ceremony,the fire captain thanked the patriot guard riders for their participation then called me out of crowd and presented me with a medallion to show their thanks for the effect I made to fulfill the mission I had told them I was committed to. They referred to me as the Bear Man. Your Pittsburgh riders will remember me as having a sidecar. There’s alot more to the adventure,but I’LL save the stories for another time. The Bear Man.

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