Patriot Guard Riders Pennsylvania
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PGRPA Demographics Form

Please use this form AFTER you have created a profile on our National website (

Please complete the following form. This information will NEVER be used outside of Patriot Guard Riders of Pennsylvania Leadership for any reason. None of the information will be stored on any server. (Fields with a red * are required.)

Please use Address Line 2 for County you live in
Your email address will be added to our Shadowriders Email server to notify you of PGR Missions in your respective and neighboring Region in Pennsylvania
PGRPA Membership Cards can be used by members to receive special discounts given by businesses listed on our PGRPA Website. PGRPA Membership cards will be issued on a rolling basis (several ordered at one time) and sent out once received. This may take several weeks to be sent out. Please be patient.
If you select "YES", please search for "Patriot Guard Riders of Pennsylvania" and request to join. A site administrator will ask a couple questions, and confirm your membership.