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Forwarding National PGR Mission Notification Emails

We are hoping these instructions will help keep your National Patriot Guard Riders Honor Mission Notification Emails coming to your Mailbox, to be informed of upcoming missions for our Nation’s Heroes.

It seems some PGR members may have been forwarding National Patriot Guard Riders’ Mission Notifications to either non-PGR-members or folks who don’t get the notification.  Forwarding or directly emailing the notification from your email service could UNSUBSCRIBE your notifications from National, because the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the notification uses your original email address. The  screenshot below is what the notification looks like so there isn’t any confusion on how to accomplish this.
Honor Mission Forward Link

Use the FORWARD LINK to forward notification email, DO NOT just forward the email from your email service. It will allow other persons to UNSUBSCRIBE your notifications from National.

You  MUST click on the FORWARD NOTICE link at the top of the Notification from National, and fill in the necessary information on the form from National’s page.  Failure to use this method could cause your notifications from National to be stopped due to the person you emailed the notification to could UNSUBSCRIBE your emails.  I believe this is how many of you are not receiving emails from National when you used to be able to.

We are always here to help!