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Nov 16


Good evening all,

On the eve of Thanksgiving, we should all take a moment and reflect on this great day. Think back over this year to the missions that you have attended. Think of the families who have lost a loved one, who will have an empty chair at the table. Then each of us will think of someone who is no longer with us to sit at our table and share the happiness.

I am thank full for each and every one of you who stand the line and help bring honor to those who have passed. The Patriot Guard Riders are an eclectic group. You look around and see people from every walk of life coming together to honor those who have sacrificed so we can live with the freedoms that we have the blessings that have come upon us.

Take the time to enjoy family and friends, take a moment to raise a glass to those who stand watch in far away places keeping the wolf away.

Thank you brothers and sisters,

Doc Kimbell

State Captain


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