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Taxonomy Archive: Board of Directors

  • Eric Cramer

  • Eric Cramer is our Veteran Liaison-East and Member-at-Large for the PGRPA BoD.

  • Randy Ruff

  • Randy is a Member-at-Large for the PGRPA BoD.

  • Marcella Sorensen

  • Marcy “Marcella” is the Ride Captain for Region 10, our Veteran’s Liaison and HOTH Representative for Western PA. Member at large on the Board of Directors.

  • Gerry Pawlowski

  • Gerry Pawlowski is the Assistant State Captain – East & a Ride Captain for Region 5 In Memoriam: The Patriot Guard Riders have been asked to stand to honor one of our own, Gerry V. Pawlowski. Gerry was a friend and a mentor to those that knew him in the PGR. Dedicated to honoring and […]

  • Timothy “Timmaye!!!” Smith

  • Timothy “Timmaye” is the State Captain and President of the BoD for the Patriot Guard Riders PA, and Senior Ride Captain for Region 10. Why I joined the Patriot Guard Riders: In October of 2008, one of my troops died on Active Duty. Staff Sergeant Johnathan Smith, passed away while TDY of a medical condition. […]

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    (724) 4-PATRIOT (724) 472-8746