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Joyce Pawlowski

Joyce Pawlowski
  • Joyce Pawlowski

  • Joyce is the Assistant State Captain and HOTH director for Eastern PA.
    “I joined the PGR in September 2008 one year after my husband. We were always supporters of the veterans but had never served ourselves. Having had members of our families in the service and my husband previously being a LEO, we felt the need to support and honor those in the military and the first responders who help keep this country safe and secure. At one point I was volunteered to present a short service for the unaccompanied veterans at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery as no veteran should be laid to rest without the word of God spoken for him/her. It has become the biggest honor and privilege for me to do this. To date, I have done services for 78 unaccompanied veterans there. It is such an honor to be a part of this organization and look forward to standing for many years to come.”

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