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SHORT NOTICE: Major Eric Burkett USMC R.I.S.E. Dedication / 14 June 2018 / New Castle,PA


Jun 18


Major Eric Burkett
R.I.S.E. Dedication
14 June 2018
New Castle, PA
The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to a Dedication Ceremony sponsored by Gary Sinise Foundation for Major Eric Burkett USMC.
Major Eric Burkett USMC grew up in the military life. His father was a career Marine pilot, both of his grandfathers served in WWII and he can trace his paternal line all the way back to Jehu Burkett who fought in the War for Independence.
Eric knew at a young age he was born to be a Marine, even after being told that he would not be accepted into the Marine Corps due to an “asthma-like” condition. At 22,Eric enlisted in the Army Reserve. Eric took classes in college and trained in many different military specialties, eventually earning the rank of Sergeant. Six years later, Eric earned a commission in the Marine Corps and then became an Assault Pilot.
In April 2012, two weeks into Eric’s sixth deployment, Eric’s plane suddenly went into an uncontrolled flight and crashed.
R.I.S.E.,Restoring,Independence,Supporting, Empowerment was established to provide Heroes and their families with the resources to overcome their new life challenges. The Gary Sinise Foundation is committed to helping our wounded Heroes increase their mobility and reclaim their self-reliance.Through R.I.S.E, they construct one-of-a-kind specially adapted smart homes for our nation’s most severely wounded Heroes.
Eric’s dream is to bring his wife and six children to live near his family in Pennsylvania. The Gary Sinise Foundation,R.I.S.E is honored to make this dream a reality by building The Burkett family a specially adapted smart home in New Castle, PA and we have been invited to Stand & Welcome Home.
Thursday,14 June 2018
Staging: 8:45 AM
Please park Bikes and Cages then after Staging, taking a shuttle to the Dedication due to lack of parking.
Cray’s Youth & Family Services
111 East Maitland Lane,New Castle, PA 16105
We will have one or more of our members stay at Cray’s for the Bikes & Cages Safety & Security till ceremony is over and we are back at Cray’s.
Briefing: 9:00 AM
Flag Line: 9:30 AM
Dedication Ceremony scheduled for 10:00 AM
Members can attend all of a Mission or any part of the Mission. PGR sets no time for a member to Stand a Mission. We Thank You for whatever time you give us, and the families of our Heroes appreciate your time.
Please Watch The Weather, Dress Accordingly, Hydrate & Bring Your 3X5 Handheld Flags.
RCIC: Ken Tenney
(724) 376-2573

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