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September 11 Remembrance


Sep 20


My Fellow PGR,
While many normally slated remembrance ceremonies have been cancelled or whatever they are calling it, I implore you to take a pause this day to remember the lives taken. Whether the pause is at your waking or before you lay your head down at the end of the day, take that moment to reflect on how you felt that day. We have a few Honor Missions today, if you can attend please go and take a moment at our PreMission Briefing to honor them, before we honor our fallen hero.
Recognize the heroism of the Fire & Rescue, the Police, the EMS/EMTs that ran TOWARD the threat of fire and destruction to try and save as many lives as possible, and of course keep forever the completely innocent civilians that were either trapped or just did not have the time to get out of the World Trade Center Towers. Remember the innocent passengers of the 2 aircraft.
Remember those in the Pentagon, going about their daily routine, the Army, the Marines, the Navy and the Air Force personnel in their limestone/marble halls and walls, safe from the threat of violence occurring overseas. Appreciate the courage and valor shown to those who again ran TOWARD the threat to save their Brothers and Sisters in harm’s way!
Think back to when you learned the fate of Flight 93, in a small field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where 40 passengers and crew members will remain forever. It has been 19 years since this tragedy occurred, so many children do not even know why many are saddened this day or why it is important to remember. TEACH them, if they are old enough to understand, teach them. Do not rely on others to do so, YOU tell them. Tell them how you felt, what today means to you, what it did for the resolve of our Nation, how our Nation CAME TOGETHER to mourn.
Please also remember those who continually face the threats of today: our military, especially those serving overseas who ensure it WILL NEVER happen again, our Law Enforcement Officers who face dangers daily here at home, our Fire/Rescue who run toward peril at every call, EMS/EMTs who respond to every emergency to care for those in need.
Timothy N Smith
Master Sergeant, United States Air Force (Retired)
State Captain
Senior Ride Captain, Region 10
Patriot Guard Riders of Pennsylvania : ” * HONOR * DIGNITY * RESPECT * ”
“Our Flag does not fly of its own accord … it flies as our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen & Coasties rush past to protect her!” ~Timothy N Smith 2014

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