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Scott Jacobs, Army/USMC/Army Reserves, Sinking Spring & IGNC 3 NOV 15


Oct 15


Scott M Jacobs

Army & USMC Veteran

3 NOV 2015

Sinking Spring / Indiantown Gap, PA


The family of Army and Marine Veteran Scott M Jacobs has requested the Patriot Guard Riders stand to honor his service to our nation at his interment ceremony November 3. Scott was active duty in the Army and Marines for 17 years. He then joined the Army Reserves and worked with the 99th Regional Command Support. He was an active member of American Legion Post 537, VFW Post 6558, AMVets PA0136, Robesonia Fire Company, Marion Rod and Gun Club and Iron House Helpers. We will be escorting Scott and his family from the funeral home in Sinking Spring to Indiantown Gap National Cemetery for his interment with full honors. Scott Jacobs is a patriot who served our country with honor and now it’s our turn to stand and honor him.


ESCORT: Stage: 1130 HRS, KSU: 1200 HRS

Bean Funeral Home

3825 Penn Avenue

Sinking Spring, PA 19608



Briefing: 1145 HRS

At the funeral home.


IGNC INTERMENT: Interment Ceremony: 1330 HRS

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery

Annville, PA



If going directly to IGNC, stage at the upper parking lot opposite the rear of the PA Memorial, (turn left at the US Flag Circle). Stage at 1300 HRS



NOTE: Concealed carry permits are NOT recognized on military installations and federal reservations. Indiantown Gap National Cemetery is a federal reservation. Do not bring weapons or hazardous materials to this mission.


RCIC: George Ramsey, RC-Region 5


Phone: 610-406-7418


National Link:


2 Responses to “Scott Jacobs, Army/USMC/Army Reserves, Sinking Spring & IGNC 3 NOV 15”

  1. George Ramsey

    Tuesday November 3rd, I was proud to RC the escort to IGNC of Sergeant Scott Jacobs. The support for this hero was outstanding. There were 40 or more motorcycles and 10 to 20 cars in the procession. The Leathernecks led the hearse, the Family car, then the PGR followed by the American Legion Riders, VFW, Ir on Horse Helpers and friends, then mourners in cars. A lead car showed us all the way. When we arrived at the Gap, I turned over the mission to Dale McGinnis, the Eastern PA Veterans Liaison Rep.
    Thanks to SRC Gerry Pawloski for his help at the funeral home and the escort and Dale McGinnis at the IGNC. may God bless Scott Jacobs and all of our Heroes. This mission is complete, George Ramsey

  2. Mark Clukey

    I am Marine SGT Mark Cloutier – I served from 1983-1992.
    Among other places in the Corps, I served as an MP at Quantico from 1986-1989, where I was real close friends with a Marine SGT Scott Jacobs.
    I lost track of Scott when I left Quantico, VA in 1989.
    When I saw this blog of the Patriot Guard Riders pulling vigil over the funeral procession of a Scott Jacobs … my heart sunk.
    There are just too many of the details here – times – dates – places … that all add up to this soul being the same Scott Jacobs as my long lost Marine buddy.
    PLEASE – can anyone help me to KNOW if this was my close friend or if it is a sad coincidence?
    I mean no disrespect to the grieving family of this Hero.
    My friend, once he left the Quantico Provost Marshal’s, he had reenlisted for EOD right there on Quantico.
    As I recall, Scott had (previous to landing with the Quantico MPs) served as a tanker … or artillery of some sort.
    In 1987 he drove an old Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and had a HUGE CB Radio system in it with giant antennas all over it. And his CB ‘Handle’, which he also had printed in big letters on his Jeep’s hood bug deflector, was “Cannon-Cocker.”
    All his friends called him Cannon-Cocker … or else just Scott.

    I would sure appreciate it if one of my other brother-in-arms would pick up the phoned call me with the information.

    … and … may God rest the soul of this Scott Jacobs … if I knew him or not – it makes no difference.

    My phone number is 207-777-7117
    My eMail is

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