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PONY EXPRESS First Sergeant Paul Lazinsky USA & LEO / 19-20 June 2018 / AZ-ANC


Jun 18


First Sergeant Paul Lazinsky
19-20 June 2018
Arizona- ANC
The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited for a “Pony Express” for the family of 1st Sergeant Paul Lazinsky USA & LEO.
This is a M​u​lti-State Honorable Escort which will start in Arizona going to Arlington National Cemetery for Interment with Military Honors,Wednesday,20 June 2018.
Paul retired as an E-8 from the United States Army after 23 years. He then joined the Phoenix Police Department before moving to the El Mirage Police Department for the past 17 years.
While on the line of duty, Paul was involved in a foot pursuit of a suspect and had a medical situation and sadly, passed away at the hospital.
Paul served 40 years for Our Freedom & Safety with Honor and now its our turn To Escort ​& Honor for him.
They are scheduled to depart the Econo-Lodge around 0800 on the 19th, arriving in Arlington, VA approximately 1500. Graveside services at ANC for 1SGT Lazinsky are scheduled for 0900, 20 June.
There are three Staging Locations for PA which are listed below.
Tuesday, 19 June 2018
Staging​: 7:15 AM
​Eco​n​o L​​odge​ Inn & Suites​ is​ ​approximately 2 miles from the Cabela’s in Wheeling​, WV​.
​Please ​have a full tank of gasoline​ and ready to Escort.​
Econo​ ​Lodge​ Inn & Suites​
87 Jenkins Lane, Triadelphia,WV 26069
Briefing​: 7:30 AM
KSU: 7:45 AM
Leaving no later than 8:00 AM
​Second Staging Rolling Stop: 8:15 AM
At the PA 43 South Turnpike Entrance Exit 37A Interstate 70 at the Pull Off
Briefing: 8:30 AM
KSU: Approximately 8:45 AM
This will be a Rolling Stop, Please join this Escort as it gets on to PA 43 South.
​Third Stop: 8:45 AM
570 Pittsburgh Road, Uniontown PA 15401
Briefing: 9:00 AM
KSU: Approximately 9:15 AM
This will be a 15 Minute Refueling Stop for those who need it.
For additional details, stops and route for the entire Escort starting in Arizona, please refer to the National Link created by Arizona. Keep in mind, may be changes and updates so check periodically.
Members can attend all of a Mission or any part of the Mission. PGR sets no time for a Member to Escort and or Stand a Mission. We Thank You for whatever time you give us, and the families of our Heroes appreciate your time.
Please Watch The Weather, Dress Accordingly & Hydrate
Ride Captain: ASC Aaron Zeff
(724) 587-5626
Assisted ​By:​
Lewis Winnecour​, Jules Shubuck & Ray Zimmerman​

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