Patriot Guard Riders Pennsylvania
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PGRPA 4 Inch Patch


Sep 14


*NEW* PGRPA 4 Inch Patch is available for $11.00

*NEW* PGRPA 4 Inch Patch

*NEW* PGRPA 4 Inch Patch

To show color that doesn't translate to photo of patch

To show color that doesn’t translate to photo of patch


This patch is also available in a set with the 3 Inch Decal HERE

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  1. Rod Afflerbach

    The new State website is great… a vast improvement from the old one.
    A very nice job and you should feel very proud of it.

    Two comments:
    One I can’t read what I’m typing in the comments area (this areaa)
    Two, is it possible for you to incorporate a link to the National site’s products store. I would prefer to send new comers to the state site and let them link from there.

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