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PGRPA 1-¼ inch Pin: $5.00


Sep 14


Our PGRPA 1-¼ inch Pin is available for  $5.00

1-1/4 Inch Pin

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  1. Joel Sechrist

    To Tim Young and all region 8 members and associates. My wife and I have moved to Va. And I have joined the local PGR brotherhood here in Pittsylvania Co. Due to several major surgery,s since Oct. of 2012 I haven,t been active as much as I would have liked, but I,ve been on enough to appreciate the work done by our Pa. Chapters. I wanted to let you know that you can take me off the region 8 mission info. Rolls as I am now in region 2 chapter in Va. I think Jamie Wampler is my contact now. Keep up the good work there and hopefully now my health holds now and I can ride this year again and do more missions to help support our Va. Brothers and sisters. Thank you again for the honor to ride with you all and if you head this way for any missions you are all welcome in our home anytime. Just built a 48/30 garage(bunkhouse) so I,ve got plenty of room. Ride safe. Joel (Shovelhead) Sechrist

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