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Patriot Guard Riders National Website Change


May 18


Within the next 24-48 hours, the National Patriot Guard Riders site will be changing to a new format. You will continue with the same Username as before, but will be required to change your Password. The new site looks a bit crisper, and should be less ‘bulky’ with certain things. The previous site was somewhat antiquated, and no support for issues that may have come up … thus the new site.
If anyone has questions or concerns with the new site, PLEASE reach out and let us know.

From National for possible Login Issues:

  • Issues for Existing Members

    While we were able to migrate existing members to the new system, there are two important issues existing members should be aware of.

    • Resetting passwords Because the vBulletin (and WordPress) passwords are encrypted, we could not migrate the existing passwords. If you are an existing member prior to May 21, 2018; you will need to reset your password the first time you log in to the new system. To do this, select the Login/Register menu option in the upper right corner. In the screen that opens, select the Forgot Password? Click here to reset link. On the next screen, enter your PGR username and email address, and you will be sent an email with your new password. Once received, you can use those credentials to log in and change your password.If you do not receive an email, it may be that your email address on file in the system is not up to date. Please use the Contact Us menu option, and select Account Problem on the form to send an email to the accounts team. Be sure to leave your Username, Email Address, and your first and last name to help the Accounts Team find your information.
    • Duplicate Emails Our vBulletin system allowed members to have multiple usernames with the same email address. WordPress does not allow this. We set the system to import the most recently used username when there were conflicts; however, this may not have worked correctly with all members. If your username is not working and you feel it should be, use the Contact Us menu option and select Account Problem to notify the accounts team. Please include your Username, Email Address, and First and Last names so the accounts team can correctly identify the account.

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