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New Patriot Guard Riders-Pennsylvania Patches; Logo and “In Memoriam” Patch


Apr 19


Ladies and Gentlemen,


There was a request for a Memorial patch after Thomas “Moose” Simon (our Senior Ride Captain for Region 6) passed away. I had created a ‘digital patch’ on my personal FB profile to honor Moose and Richard Thomas (Senior Ride Captain Region 1), then added those members I was made aware of since then.
It was brought up by Dale Mallory to make this patch happen ….. it was a team effort and here we are! Please visit the page and pre-order. We have made the initial order and sent them out!

(BTW … the patch is SO much brighter in person. I couldn’t get the lighting right, my apologies)

The patches have been created and now available through our PGRPA Store!

*NEW* PGRPA 4 Inch Patch $11

In Memoriam Patch $11

In Memoriam Patch $11

To show color that doesn't translate to photo of patch

To show color that doesn’t translate to photo of patch

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