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National Night Out / 6 August 2019 / Knox,PA


Jul 19


National Night Out
6 August 2019

The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited by the Knox Borough Police Department for National Night Out- a nationally recognized event, first event like this to be held in Clarion County. Knox Borough Police Department serves a population approximately 1250 residents. National Night Out was organized to help build relationships between the community, LEOs, First Responders and the Military.

At the event, there will be LEOs, Fire Fighters, and EMS Departments along with Military personnel to have a good time and to explain what they do and what services each department has to offer.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Staging: 4:30 PM
American Legion Post #720
70 Veterans Rd, Knox, PA 16232

Briefing: 4:45 PM

KSU, Escorting to: TBD
Keystone Elementary School
451 Huston Ave, Knox, PA 16232

Event is from 5:00 PM-8 PM

National Night Out, is open to the public and all are welcome!

There will be food,drinks, activities for all age groups and the the event is free of charge.


Members can attend all of a Mission or any part of the Mission. PGR sets no time for a member to Stand a Mission. We Thank you for whatever time you give us and the families of our Heroes appreciate your time.

This time of year deer are on the move, please be aware & alert of your surroundings also before heading out, please watch the weather, dress accordingly,hydrate & bring your 3 X 5 handheld American flags.


RCIC: Marcy “Marcella” Sorensen
(402) 290-9589


Aaron Zeff
(724) 587-5626

Timothy Smith
(724) 472-8746

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