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Lt. Col. William J Fiorini, Ret. PANG / USAR 13NOV14


Nov 14


Lt. Col. William J. Fiorini, Ret.

PA National Guard & US Army Reserve

13 NOV 2014

Scranton, PA


The family of Pennsylvania National Guard Veteran Lt. Colonel William J. Fiorini, Retired, has requested the Patriot Guard Riders to stand to honor his service to our nation at his funeral and interment Thursday, November 13.  Bill served in the PA National Guard from June of 1964 to April 1987.  He then served in the US Army Reserves until January of 1994, retiring as a Lt. Colonel.  William J. Fiorini is a patriot who served our country with honor and now it’s our turn to stand and honor him.



Kevin K. Kearney Funeral Home

125 N. Main Avenue

Scranton, PA  18504  


Stage at the Funeral Home, 0845 HRS

Cages welcome; it doesn’t matter how you get there; just that you are there.


ESCORT TO CHURCH / FUNERAL MASS:  0945 Escort, 1000 Mass

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church

1403 Jackson Street

Scranton, PA 


ESCORT / INTERMENT:  Following Funeral Mass

Cathedral Cemetery

Scranton, PA 


RCIC: Mike Vogt, Region 4 SRC & ASC East

Phone:  570-854-2012
National Link:



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  1. Lisa Fiorini

    I would like to thank all who attended my fathers funeral. I tip my hat off to all the Patriot Guard Riders. You all along with my father severed our Country with Pride, I am truly blessed. I would love to help you all out in some way. You made my father’s funeral amazing. I know he is very proud, just like all of you. He was my hero, more than you will ever know. You all are hero’s as well in your own way and never give up. Thank you once again…

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