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Lee A. Nunemacher, Jr., Firefighter, Tower City, 18 JUL 15


Jul 15


Lee A. Nunemacher, Jr.

Fire Fighter / 1st Responder

18 JUL 2015

Tower City, PA



The family of fire fighter Lee A. “Herb” Nunemacher, Jr. has requested the Patriot Guard Riders honor his service to our nation during his funeral service, Saturday, July 18.  Herb served with the Tower City Fire Company.  Two months ago, the PGR honored Herb’s father.  It has been a trying year for the family and they need our support.  Lee Nunemacher, Jr. is a patriot who served our country with honor and now it’s our turn to stand and honor him.


VIEWING & FUNERAL:  18 JUL 15  Viewing 1000 HRS, Funeral 1100 HRS

Christ United Methodist Church

400 East Grand Avenue

Tower City, PA  17980



Staging: 0915 HRS

At the church


Flag line only; no interment.




Mission Inquiries:

Dale McGinnis, Veterans Liaison East


Phone:  717-887-4679


National Link:


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  1. George E. Ramsey

    My thanks to those who made it today. We were a small group but much appreciated. This mission is completed. IN GOD WE TRUST

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