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Joseph A. Vater, US Army, WWII, Bataan Survivor, 29 Dec 14


Dec 14


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Joseph A. Vater

US Army World War II Veteran

Bataan Survivor

Coraopolis, PA

29 December 2014

The family of Joseph A. Vater US Army Veteran has requested that the Patriot Guard Riders stand in silent honor of their American Hero. Mr. Vater was a POW for 3 ½  years. See his obituary here:

Monday, 29 December 2014

Flag Line: 9:00 AM

McDermott Funeral Home

334 Forest Grove Road

Coraopolis, PA 15108


There will be a funeral service at 9:30 AM at the funeral home followed immediately at 10:00 AM by a Mass of Christian Burial at St Malachy Church directly across the street from the funeral home.

The flag line will be re-established at the church entrance prior to and after the Mass.

There may be an escort to the cemetery after the funeral Mass. Be prepared.

Watch this thread for updates.


Watch the weather and dress accordingly. HYDRATE


Staging: 8:30 AM at the funeral home

Briefing: 8:45 AM


RCIC: Richard Valimont



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