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Court of Valor Ceremony, Prospect Hill Cemetery, York


Sep 15

Court of Valor Ceremony
 Prospect Hill Cemetery
York, PA
13 September 2015

The Patriot Guard Riders are honored to have once again been invited to participate in the annual Court of Valor Ceremony being held at the Prospect Hill Cemetery in York, PA. This year’s Court of Valor Ceremony will be particularly memorable as the York County First Responders Memorial: The Safekeepers Shrine will be unveiled.

Flag Line/Ceremony: 13 September 15, 13:00 hrs
Prospect Hill Cemetery
700 North George Street
York, PA

Staging/Briefing: 13 September 15, 12:00 hrs 
Rutters Country Farm Store
1520 Pennsylvania Avenue
York, PA

KSU:  12:30 hrs

Please bring 3 x 5 flags.

SC, RCIC:  Douglas “Doc” Kimbell

with respect: Cheri Sine
HOTH rep – East

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