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Charlie Mike (Continue Mission)


Apr 20


My fellow Patriot Guard Riders,
  I want to ensure everyone in our ranks are on he same page in reference to the continuing saga of the SARS-CoV-2 virus sweeping the entire planet.
  As the Subject Line states:  Charlie Mike … which is the military phonetic for Continue Mission.  Many of our Nation’s Heroes had endured so many things in their lives and service to our country, we owe them the debt of honoring their service and showing their family that others do care.
  With that being said, there are caveats to safely show our respect:

  1. If your health is in ANY WAY compromised, are within the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) parameters of age or health risks, or anyone in your household who is feeling the least bit ill…Stand Down! Stay Home.
  2. PGRPA members will abide by the CDC’s recommendations of minimum of 6 feet between PGR members as well as the family of our Hero, enhanced hygiene measures, and the personal option to use a mask.
  3. PGRPA leadership will CLOSELY look at each mission and all of the elements (Ride Captain availability, location, weather, etc) of the incoming mission, and make the determination of a GO or NO-GO Mission.  If a NO-GO determination is made, it will not be done-so lightly, and the family will be notified as to why.
  4. As always, YOU have the final determination of whether to attend any mission PGR is invited to.  We have no quotas, nor requirement to attend any mission.
  The Veteran’s Affairs National Cemetery Administration sent out requirements to Pennsylvania’s National Cemeteries to cancel all public events for the foreseeable future.  PGRPA was given the green light by several National Cemetery Director’s here in PA to attend any Honor Missions that we are invited to, and we will do just that.

  Patriot Guard Riders National President has left each State’s Captain the decision (and backs it) to suspend or continue Standing for Those Who Stood For Us!  Many other State’s have decided to stand down.  That is their prerogative, and we will support their decision as well … PGRPA will be there unless mandated by President Trump or Governor Wolf.
  Each of you has the capability of Self GO/NO-GO decision-making.  PGRPA is leaving it up to members to attend.  I understand that all of you want to attend every possible mission or you wouldn’t be in the PGR, but life dictates pretty much everything we do, and this virus is absolutely a critical factor.
Please follow the link below for a breakdown of measures to take at home and on a mission.
  I pray each of you remain healthy, and keep in good spirits through this troublesome time.  We made it through the last bouts of SARS/MERS/H1N1, we will get through this as well!  Support each other and our Heroes if you can.

Timothy N Smith
Master Sergeant, United States Air Force (Retired)
State Captain

Senior Ride Captain, Region 10

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