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Roy “Chick” Miller Jr US Army / 6 February 2018 / Pittsburgh, PA


Feb 18


UPDATE: As of 18:44 this evening, this is now a Confirmed Honor Mission.


Roy “Chick” Miller Jr
US A​rmy​
Vietnam Veteran
​6 February 2018
​Pittsburgh, PA


​The Patriot Guard Riders have been​ invited​ by the family of Roy “Chick” Miller Jr US Army Vietnam Veteran to Stand In Silent Honor then Escort their American Hero for his Interment.

There is a Visitation on Monday scheduled from 2-4PM & 7-9PM but have been asked only to Attend & Stand on Tuesday. Please join us To Honor their Hero.


Tuesday​, 6 February 2018


Staging: ​8​:​15​ ​A​M

Cieslak & Tatko Funeral Home and Cremation Services
2935 Brownsville Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15227


Briefing​: 8:30 AM

Flag Line: ​8:45​ AM

​Family Arriving at 9:00 AM​

​Visitation at 10:00 AM​

Service at 11:00 AM


Following The Service, KSU For Interment With Military Honors To:

St Paul Cemetery
Baldwin, PA


Members can attend all of a Mission or any part of the Mission. PGR sets no time for a member to Stand a Mission. We Thank You for whatever time you give us and the families of our Heroes appreciate your time.

Watch The Weather​,​ Dress Accordingly​ & ​Please Bring Your 3 x 5 Handheld Flags.


Ride Captain​: Randy Ruff
(412) 613-2109

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