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14th QM Scud Attack Memorial / 25 February 2020 / Greensburg, PA


Feb 20


14th QM Scud Attack Memorial
Operation Desert Storm
25 February 2020
Greensburg, PA

The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited back by the surviving Family members and Unit members of the SCUD Attack on the 14th Quartermaster U.S. Army Reserves, for a gathering then stand in silent honor for their service and sacrifices.

This will be the 29th anniversary of the attack. On the evening of the 25th of February of 1991 during Operation Desert Storm, an Iraqi scud missile plunged into the Barracks/Warehouse used to house U.S. Army soldiers assigned in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. As a consequence of this Scud Attack, 28 soldiers died, 110 were hospitalized, and 150 experienced minor physical injuries and/or subsequent PTSD,Post-traumatic stress disorder.
Of the 28 that were killed in the line of duty, 13 of those soldiers were assigned to the 14th Quartermaster U.S. Army Reserves that gave the Ultimate Sacrifice.

American Heroes, Specialist Steven E. Atherton, age 26, Numine,Specialist John A. Boliver, Jr., age 27, Monongahela,Sergeant Joseph P. Bongiorni III, age 20, Hickory, Sergeant John T. Boxler, age 44, Johnstown, Specialist Beverly S. Clark, age 23, Armagh, Sergeant Allen B. Craver, age 32, Penn Hills, Specialist Frank S. Keough, age 22, North Huntington, Specialist Anthony E. Madison, age 27, Monessen, Specialist Christine L. Mayes, age 22, Rochester Mills, Specialist Steven J. Siko, age 24, Latrobe,Specialist Thomas G. Stone, age 20, Falconer, New York, Sergeant Frank J. Walls, age 20, Hawthorne and Specialist Richard V. Wolverton, 22 from Latrobe.

All served our country with honor, now its our turn to stand in honor for them.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Staging: 10:00 AM
14th Quartermaster U.S. Army Reserves
900 Armory Dr, Greensburg, PA 15601

Briefing: 10:15 AM

Flag Line: 10:30 AM

The Gathering will begin at 10:30 AM in the Drill Hall.

A Memorial Sand Ceremony will be held inside at 11:15 AM

Followed by all outside to the monument, with a Flag Line set at the Walkway of the Memorial for the survivors, their families and friends to walk through.

Members can attend all of a Mission or any part of the Mission, PGR sets no time for a Member to stand and or escort for a Mission.  We Thank you for whatever time you give us, and the families of our heroes appreciate your time.

Remember that the US Army Reserve Center is a Federal Reservation and NO WEAPONS are permitted.

Please be aware & alert of your surroundings. Also before heading out, please watch the weather, dress accordingly and bring your 3 X 5 handheld American flags.

RCIC: Jim Shaw

Assisting: Jules Shubuck
(724) 972-1166

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