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Timothy “Timmaye!!!” Smith

  • Timothy “Timmaye!!!” Smith

  • Timothy “Timmaye” is the State Captain and President of the BoD for the Patriot Guard Riders PA, and Senior Ride Captain for Region 10.

    Why I joined the Patriot Guard Riders:
    In October of 2008, one of my troops died on Active Duty. Staff Sergeant Johnathan Smith, passed away while TDY of a medical condition.
    After his services at the funeral home in Omaha, Nebraska, my unit went outside to render honors to him as he was brought out to the hearse.  Through the tears welling up in my eyes after we rendered honors to him, I witnessed a sea of American Flags and a horde of bikers.  I walked down the line, around the entire parking lot, thanking every single one of them for being there for Johnathan and his family.  I happened upon a familiar face … my former First Sergeant, Chief Master Sergeant Mike Dunn (Retired).  I said, “Chief … what … why … umm, why are all of you here?”  He explained about the ‘protesters’ that were there to disrupt Johnathan’s funeral services and all of them were there to “ensure that DOES NOT happen!”  Immediately I told him,”Chief, point me out to whomever can get me the information to be able to help in anyway I can.”  He put me in touch with Nebraska’s State Captain, Scott Knudsen.   At that time I was still Active Duty, but KNEW I must be a part of the Patriot Guard Riders.
    I retired from the Air Force in 2012 and moved back home to PA to continue giving back to the PGR. I was recruited to become a Ride Captain, then quickly to be the Senior Ride Captain.  I was nominated and voted in as our Commonwealth’s Patriot Guard Riders State Captain at the beginning of 2018.

  • PHONE:
    (724) 4-PATRIOT (724) 472-8746