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Steve Vassar

Steve Vasser
  • Steve Vassar

  • Steve Vassar is a Member at Large of the Board of Directors.  He is also the Senior Ride Captain for Region 8.

    Why I joined the Patriot Guard Riders:
    I joined the PGR around May 2006. One year later I became the 2nd Ride Captain for the Region 8 area. About a year later I was informed I was now the Senior Ride Captain for Reg. 8 by former SC “Ripley”. I have been on the Pennsylvania Board of Directors since it’s inception and currently am the only “original” member of the BoD. I never served in the Military, when I graduated High School in 1976 the draft had ended and mandatory sign ups had not begun. At age 21, I was hired by the City of Harrisburg Fire Dept. and proudly served over 33 years until my retirement in Feb 2012.
    Why do I belong? Well as a young man watching the news in late 60’s and into the 70’s I was appalled at the way this nations soldiers and returning Veterans were treated. As I learned of the WBC, I told my self there was no way in hell I would let that happen again. From my Grandfather WWI, my Father Korea, my Uncle Korea & Vietnam and numerous other cousins, relatives and friends I “Ride for Those that Stood for Me”!
    Proud Member of the PA PGR