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  • Welcome To Our New Site

Welcome to the new site of the Patriot Guard Riders Pennsylvania. Please take a look around and let us know what you think; or if you have any trouble with the site.  You can give us your feedback using the form on the CONTACT US page.  Content from the old page has been moved here.   […]

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  • “Stand Down” William Edward Brenkus, US Navy, NCA, Bridgeville, PA 5 Mar 15

This mission is a “STAND DOWN” due to inclement weather. It will be rescheduled for one day next week.   William Edward Brenkus US NAVY  Veteran Bridgeville, PA   The Missing in America Project has invited the Patriot Guard Riders to stand in silent honor of William Edward Brenkus at his committal service. Thursday, […]

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  • Joseph H. Buhl, USA/WWII Vet, New Kensington, PA 2 Mar 15 —   Joseph H. Buhl US Army/ World War II Veteran Purple Heart Recipient New Kensington, PA   The family of US Army, World War II veteran Joseph H. Buhl has requested that the Patriot Guard Riders stand in silent honor of their American Hero an escort him to his final resting place. […]

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  • American Heroes Honors Ceremony, NCA, 4 March 15 —   American Heroes Honors Ceremony National Cemetery of the Alleghenies 1158 Morgan Rd. Bridgeville, PA 15017   The National Cemetery of the Alleghenies has invited the Patriot Guard Riders to stand in silent honor of the veterans that have been interred at the cemetery the past month without military honors. Note that […]

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  • Daniel Walker, USN Ret., York PA 21 FEB 15

Daniel I. Walker US Navy Senior Chief Retired 21 FEB 2015 York, PA The family of Daniel I. Walker has requested the Patriot Guard Riders stand to honor his service to our nation at his funeral service and interment Saturday, February 21, 2015. Daniel served in the Navy from 1975 to 1997, and retired as […]

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Good day all As our hatred of the groundhog  slowly fades we must look to the year ahead of ourselves. Our mission continues though current combat operations wind down. We have accepted the mission that our Veterans deserve a proper funeral and honors that they have earned with their service to this Country. We have […]

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