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  • Welcome To Our New Site

Welcome to the new site of the Patriot Guard Riders Pennsylvania. Please take a look around and let us know what you think; or if you have any trouble with the site.  You can give us your feedback using the form on the CONTACT US page.  Content from the old page has been moved here.   […]

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  • HOTH-Welcome Home Mission, DC2 Matthew Koenig, Germansville, 11 July 15

Welcome Home Mission DC2 Matthew Koenig Germansville, PA 11 July 2015 The family of DC2 Matthew Koenig has requested the members of the Patriot Guard Riders to participate in welcoming DC2 Koenig home.  DC2 Koenig has been active duty with the Navy since 2011, currently serving on Navy’s Fifth Fleet of Operations as a mine sweeper. […]

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  • Roger Smith, WW2 Navy Veteran, Mechanicsburg & IGNC, 7 JUL 15

oger G. Smith World War 2 US Navy Veteran 7 JUL 2015 Mechanicsburg / Indiantown Gap, PA   The family of World War 2 Navy Veteran Roger G. Smith has requested the Patriot Guard Riders stand to honor his service to our nation at his funeral service and interment ceremony July 7.  Roger served in […]

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  • Barry Shindler, Vietnam War Army Veteran, Lehighton, 8 JUL 15

Barry W. Shindler Vietnam War Army Veteran 8 JUL 2015 Lehighton, PA   The family of Vietnam War Army Veteran Barry W. Shindler has requested the Patriot Guard Riders stand to honor his service to our nation at his interment ceremony Wednesday, July 8.  We will escort Barry from the funeral home to the cemetery […]

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Good morning Patriots. If you have any desire to write a newsletter please contact me. Previous experience would help but not required. Contact me at .   Doc

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We find ourselves in political season.  The run for President of the United States is now a campaign that lasts for several years it seems. As candidates travel the country they are constantly seeking out something or someone who can give them a boost, an advantage, over their opponents.  One of the things that candidates […]

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