Patriot Guard Riders Pennsylvania
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Use of Patriot Guard Riders Photo in a Political Flyer


Aug 20


  In an effort to get ahead of any backlash or misconception, PGRPA has notified the coordinators of an event occurring in Potter County to stop using or alter a flyer being circulated for said event. The coordinators used a photo showing a group of motorcycles with a PGR flag and motorcycle windscreen banner as one of the main photos on their flyer for the event.
Neither PGR, Inc nor PGRPA authorized its use, and cannot authorize its use since it is for a specific political candidate We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and cannot be aligned with ANY political party/event/ideology/candidate.
I am also asking each of you to keep an eye out for things like this … it only takes one misrepresentation to smudge our stellar reputation. Especially in the “them versus us” climate we are currently in.
Thank you all for being out there to honor our veterans and showing respect for their service … keep it up and bring a friend to the next honor mission!

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