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Restoring Honor and Hope, Bentleyville/Uniontown, PA 28 and 31May 15


May 15


Mission details follow this invitation:



1100, MAY 31’st Restoring HONOR and HOPE will take place at Liberty , 183 Oliver Road, Uniontown, PA. 15401. Restoring HONOR unto our soldiers and the flag . Bringing HOPE for all. Our prayer is that this service will help combat the 22 Veterans dying each day from suicide. All Veterans are invited and will be recognized.  Andy Alaniz and LIBERTY’s Pastor ,Ewing Marietta served with 2’nd Brigade of the 24th Infantry Division, 18th Airborne Corps US ARMY during the GULF WAR.  When 2’nd Brigade attacked a airport in Iraq several soldiers died including  Andy Alaniz.  It was a heavy price to pay for a piece of land but it brought freedom to the people of Kuwait.  This picture was the iconic photo of the Gulf War.  Sgt. Ken ( who is in the picture ) and the Pastor have never met Andy’s wife , Catherine . They will be meeting her for the first time. Listen to the radio interview  with Cat as a video at . IT IS A AMAZING STORY.

We invite all to come help us Restore HONOR and HOPE.  The first person to perform a Christian baptism in 600 years in Saudi Arabia , Chaplain K. Darrell Williams (Andy’s Chaplain) and Catherine Alaniz will be speaking and providing a video about Andy.  Also in attendance will be the Fayette Patriots. Solders from the 24th ID will be dressed in Desert Battle Dress uniforms and  will fold the original flag given to Mrs. Alaniz-Simonds properly along with the proper statements for each fold and SGT. Ken Kozakiewicz will present the flag to Cat.  A 21 shot rifle salute will be performed and  taps will be played with the original bugle used at his funeral . Then a dinner will follow the service on Sunday .   A group borrowed the flag that covered Andy’s coffin shortly after his death and folded it improperly . On this the 24th year after Andy’s death, we will make this right so plan to attend.  For More information call 724 570 3730.

A note from Catherine Alaniz-Simonds about the picture.

Many of you know this picture of my husband in the body bag taken by David Turnley. For years, I searched for the other men seen injured in the photo.  On May 31st, we will be traveling to Uniontown, PA for what is going to be an AMAZING church service and an overdue meeting! As traumatic as this picture seems, when I look at it, I see the love and despair as well as truth.  The soldiers from the 24th Infantry Division that  survived Desert Storm and the following 24 years of despair, painful memories and mental demons that stay with someone that had to fight. I hope this service brings about peace and healing, for all of us. I can not wait to give a hug to those soldiers in attendance that day.  BIG thanks to those that helped make this possible. Cindy Greiner and Rev. Ewing Marietta.



Part One


Thursday, 28 May, 2015 KSU at 7PM


Escort From I 70 at the

Pilot Truck Stop

205 Wilson Rd.

Bentleyville, PA. 154314


to  Liberty Baptist

183 Oliver Road

Uniontown, PA 15401

…. Food will be waiting….


Staging/Briefing: 6:30/6:45 at the Pilot Truck Stop


Part Two


Sunday, 31 May, 2015 KSU at 930 AM


Escort from

Hampton Inn

698 West Main St.

Uniontown, PA. 15401


to Liberty Baptist

183 Oliver Road

Uniontown, PA. 15401


Staging/Briefing: 9:00/9:45 AM at the Hampton Inn


Dress and ride according to the weather. Motorcycles are preferred but as always not required. There is no flag line associated with this mission. HYDRATE


Ride Captain for both parts of this mission:

Leonard Cole



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