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Raymond D. Corbin, USAF/Vietnam, Bentleyville/Bridgeville, PA, 31 Jul 15


Jul 15



Raymond Daniel Corbin

US Air Force/Vietnam Veteran

Bentleyville/Bridgeville, PA


The family of US Air Force Veteran Raymond Daniel Corbin has requested that the Patriot Guard Riders stand in silent honor at Mr. Corbin’s funeral service and then escort him to his final resting place at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies. Mr. Corbin served two tours in Vietnam. Our friend from the Missing In America Project, John Fabry, is the funeral director. Check his site,, for an obituary in a few days.


Friday, 31 July 2015


Part one


Flag Line: 9:30 AM during visitation until funeral service

First Presbyterian Church

812 Main St.

Bentleyville, PA 15314


Staging/Briefing at the Church: 9:00/9:15 AM at the church parking lot


Escort: 12:45 PM To:

National Cemetery of the Alleghenies

1158 Morgan Rd.

Bridgeville, PA 15017


Part Two


Flag Line: 1:30 PM

Cemetery of the Alleghenies



If you can’t make the flag line visitation and escort (part one) of this mission try to make the cemetery segment(part two):

Staging/Briefing at the Cemetery: 1:00/1:15 PM at the Memorial Walkway (POW flag)


Dress and ride according to what the weather dictates. HYDRATE

Remember that the National Cemetery has a NO WEAPONS policy.


Ride Captain: Jim Shaw



One Response to “Raymond D. Corbin, USAF/Vietnam, Bentleyville/Bridgeville, PA, 31 Jul 15”

  1. Merli G.Corbin

    Just wanted to say Thank You and GOD BLESS you all.
    This means so much to my family as my FATHER was a supporter of your group. A little about my FATHER. He was born July 23rd 1951.He served in Vietnam from 69′ to 73′.He enlisted as he had training in electronics from TECH High Vocational School Springfield MA and knew he could be an asset in the AIR FORCE. He was sent to basic training and then to more schooling for C-130 cockpit electronics and radar repair. He received a commendation for leaving on a flight headed into a combat area as there flight radar was shot up and inoperable but he knew it could be repaired before they got were they needed to go to drop supplies for a MARINE platoon. He was not asked to do this but volunteered as they needed this. He turned down a PURPLE HEART as his injury was very minimal and happened while slid into the nose section of an aircraft to fix a radar system while in an unhostile relaxed area as he put it. He felt that that HONOR was not right for him to receive. He never talked much about his service but always said the friends he made there where what kept him going. He always told us that he wished we would never experience what he went through but if we were needed to have the HONOR the do our duty and have the utmost RESPECT for those who have. To this day I always try to shake the hand of our Service Men and Women and let them know “THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE “as my FATHER has taught me.My father was honorably discharged leaving with RANK Staff Sargent (E-5).He got married to FAITH MARY GARCIA and raised five children me, my brother JODY CORBIN and the baby of the family my sister PRISCILLA CORBIN and on the way adopted TYRONE GRIMES my brother and TINO VILLIGARI My Brother.

    Just Thought You Might like to Know A Little about My Mentor, My Teacher, MY Friend, My Hero, My Brother in CHRIST and MY FATHER who you will be HONORING.



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