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HOTH War at Home Memorial, PA State Capitol Building, Harrisburg


May 17


War at Home Memorial

PA State Capitol Building

Harrisburg, PA

23 May 2017

On May 23, 2017, the War at Home Memorial will be displayed at outside of the State Capitol building.  This Memorial is to honor Michael C Wargo’s sacrifice, and those veterans whom have died by suicide, loosing the war at home.

Michael C Wargo joined the United States Army after the September 11 terrorist attacks.  He served as a Specialist with the 2nd Battalion 87th Infantry Division and was deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan.

Michael C Wargo’s father, Mike Wargo, is a fellow Patriot Guard Rider.

Let us stand tall and honor those who have lost the war at home, and help bring awareness to end this battle.

FLAG LINE :  23 May 17, 11:00 AM
PA State Capitol
501 North Third St
Harrisburg, PA

The Forum Building
5th and Walnut Sts
Harrisburg, PA

Park on side walk to the right of main entrance to the Forum, use the walkway between street walk and walkway around the entrance
Ride Capts to direct

Briefing: 10:15 AM @ The Forum Building Parking

RCIC: Karl “Preacher” Decca


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