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Frank R. Capo, U.S. Coast Guard


Feb 13


To: Mr. Bill Howley Patriot Guard Riders
From: Robert J. Capo and the Capo Family
Subject: Respect for Frank R. Capo, U.S. Coast Guard

Dear Mr. Howley:

The Capo a family would like to thank the Patriot Guard Members that expressed their sympathy and the members that stood for hours in the flag line at the funeral home and Cemetery. The Capo family sincerely appreciates all members that paid respect to our father and grandfather.

We would also like to thank you for the beautiful engraved plaque and the booklet assembled to summarize the respect for your comrade.

Dad told me many stories over the years about his duty in World War II, when he entered service at Delaware, in the South Pacific during the liberation of the Philippines, and a tour to Australia along with his discharge in Michigan. He always said he was fortunate to return home to his family after seeing others lose their life in the battle of Leyte Gulf.  He always had respect for his fellow comrades.

Dad would’ve greatly appreciated your comments, thoughts and respect. I know he was watching all of us.


Robert J. Capo
For the Capo Family, Joseph, Bonnie, Mike, Nick, Robert & Lisa

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