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Donald E. Myers Mission Gettysburg, PA 5 May 2014


May 14


Hello, Dale
I am Teresa’s sister. She shared the link about our Dad, Donald E. Myers, Sr, so I could make copies of the beautiful and meaningful messages from caring folks around our country. They are very comforting to us, and our Mother is waiting to read them today, as well as our other siblings.
Words can’t adequately express our gratitude to you and to the PGR members and everyone who supports and honors our veterans who indeed deserve the utmost level of respect, honor and thanks for serving our nation, risking their lives, sacrificing everything during their time of active duty.
I was just a toddler when Dad left to serve in the Korean conflict, but my mother remembers it well, the long and lonely months without her husband, praying and wondering if he would return to us. Our hearts ache for those families in that situation today, and we pray for them.
I’m glad that we learned of your organization, and I support your missions. Per your website, it appears that I can join as a supporter. I would love to do that.
Please extend my family’s appreciation to all the others for the kind thoughts, prayers,and precious comments that truly touched our hearts. We love and miss our Dad, and it hurts so bad to lose him. But we gain strength and comfort from friends and relatives and the wonderful folks affiliated with PGR.
God bless everyone, and God bless America.
Joanne “Jodie” Miller

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