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Col Jerre Mellott, USAF Vietnam Era Veteran, Annville Pa. 11 June 2019


Jun 19


Col. Jerre Mellot 11 June 2019
USAF Vietnam Era Veteran 1955-1984

Indiantown Gap National Cemetery
Annville Pa.



The staff of Indiantown Gap National Cemetery has informed the Patriot Guard Riders that USAF Colonel Jerre Mellot has passed. Col. Jerre Mellot served from 1955-1984. We have been asked to stand to honor his service to our nation as he is interred with full military honors at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, Col. Mellot will be interred Tuesday June 11th. We will be there to stand for him and to ensure he gets the honor he deserves as he goes to his final rest. Col. Jerre Mellot was a patriot who served our country with honor and now it’s our turn to stand and honor him.


Interment:  IGNC, Tuesday June 11 at 0900 HRS
Indiantown Gap National Cemetery
Annville PA 17003


Staging:  IGNC, 0830 HRS
Annville PA 17003


Stage at the parking lot opposite the rear of the PA Memorial, (turn left at the US Flag Circle).  DO NOT PROCEED TO COMMITTAL SITE WITHOUT PERMISSION.


NOTE: Concealed carry permits are NOT recognized on military installations and federal reservations. Indiantown Gap National Cemetery is a federal reservation. Do not bring weapons or hazardous materials to this mission.


RCIC:     Richard Place

Phone:   717-201-8554


For mission information, contact:

Eric M. Cramer, Veterans Liaison East


Phone: 717-507-5213


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