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American Hero USMC /16 July 2018 / McMurray,PA


Jul 18


American Hero
US Marine Corps
16 July 2018
McMurray, PA
​The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited by Cremation and Funeral Care​ to be family and pall bearers for US Marine Corps American Hero To Stand In Silent Honor then Escort and lead a procession to the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies for the Interment.
Pall bearers please arrive the funeral home by 9:30 AM
​Monday​16 July 2018

Staging​/Briefing​: 9:30 AM

Cremation and Funeral Care

KSU: 10:00 AM

Escorting To:

National Cemetery Of The Alleghenies (NCOA)​

Interment with Military Honors is scheduled for ​10:30 AM

Remember that the National Cemetery is a Federal Reservation and NO WEAPONS are permitted.

Watch The Weather, Dress Accordingly & Please Bring Your 3 x 5 Handheld flags.

Ride Captain: Aaron Zeff

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