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American Hero US Navy Veteran / 25 Sept / McMurray, PA


Sep 17


American Hero
US Navy Veteran
25 September 2017
McMurray, PA
The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to be pall bearers for US Navy Veteran then Escort and Stand in Silent Honor for our American Hero for his Interment.
If available, please come to Stand in Honor for our American Hero. If you can be a pall bearer, Please contact Aaron, Randi or I, we are needing at least six pall bearers to arrive no later then 9:15 AM.
Thank You in advance.
Monday, ​25 September 2017​
Staging​/Briefing​: 9:15 AM-9:30 AM
Cremation and Funeral Care
3287 Washington Rd​, McMurray, PA 15317
KSU & Escorting For Interment To:
National Cemetery Of The Alleghenies​ (NCOA)​
1158 Morgan Rd, Cecil Township, PA 15017​
​Interment is scheduled for 10:30 AM
Remember that the National Cemetery is a Federal Reservation and NO WEAPONS are permitted.
Watch The Weather, Dress Accordingly & Please Bring Your 3x 5 Handheld Flags.
Ride Captain: Randi “Rannette” Toomey
(412) 377-0799

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